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“That guy can cook like nobody’s business,” well, there’s no higher compliment in a professional kitchen.
- Michael Ruhlman, Foreword, Best Chefs America: 2013

At Best Chefs America, our motto is “chefs know best” and our process is one of straightforward peer review — chefs rating chefs. To find out who the best chefs are, we ask the chefs themselves. For the 2013 edition of Best Chefs America we conducted interviews with over 5,000 chefs from across the U.S. We asked them which chefs they respected the most, who was cooking the best food locally, who influenced them the most, what ingredients they were working with and what culinary trends they saw emerging. The results for this year are in and we are pleased to share them with you.

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Anyone can nominate a chef for inclusion in the Best Chefs America process whether the nominating person works in the culinary arts, is another chef, or is simply a food enthusiast.


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Best Chefs America is a compendium of the most talented and respected chefs in the United States. Preview this year’s edition and order Best Chefs America today. Search Best Chefs America online to learn more and make reservations to dine at their restaurants. This year’s Best Chefs can purchase Best Chefs America merchandise to promote their distinction.

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